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From: Christian Dietrich <stettberger_AT_dokucode.de>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 19:16:57 +0200

i don't now on which suckless.org list i should post this, so i do it on
the only one i'm subscribed to: here :)

After i saw diri and its concepts the first time, i'd liked it very
much. But the requirement of plan9port and rc was not so nice for me. So
i decided to hack also an wiki, with the similar concepts, but i wrote
it in bash. I used frequently special features of bash, so i reduced the
calls of sed and tools like that. The requirement for awk and grep was
totaly removed. So bashwiki hasn't to call so much tools and this might
save time ( i haven't tested it until now ) while processing an request.

I also missed the feature of an history in diri. So i implemented an
page based history system using git[1]. And after all this hacking i
only need 300 lines of code ( with the template file ).

An working installation you can find at http://dokucode.de and the
source code here [2].

Let me know your opinion, critic and suggestions.


[1] http://git.or.cz
[2] http://dokucode.de/files/bashwiki-0.1.tar.gz

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