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From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 01:46:10 +0200

Yay! awesome news arg!

I'm really happ

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 21:20:10 +0200
"Anselm R. Garbe" <> wrote:

> Well, development work will go on during the next days. Actually
> I plan to release dwm-4.3 (containing certain bugfixes) until
> Saturday and some initial win32 code about d4w (dwm for windows)
> later on (which is planned as explorer.exe replacement).

Can you consider the 'clientspertag' patch? I have been using it
since I send it, and it works like a charm and it is almost orthogonal
and multifunctional with just few lines of patch.

Does anybody has test it?

> dmenu will also be reimplemented as dm4w counterpart.

a native port of the 9base would be really cool too, batch scripting
sucks as much as msdos does (also vbscripting too), i was thinking
on a 9p based rpc to execute programs and list directories on a remote
linux box.

This linux box can be a local colinux (I'm using it with arch, and it is
awesome to see how it and with a dual core processor) (splits one cpu for
w32 and the another one for linux) with no performance payload.

So it could be possible to run a cygwinned X and execute programs from
there with native performance with a fully integrated w32 and gnu/linux

BTW rethinking on this. dmenu could run natively on colinux, avoiding the
stupid communication between w32 and linux hehe, but how do you plan
to use dmenu with .exes? and batches? cygwin?

> Because I recently get more in touch with the win32 platform
> (due to job reasons) I also plan to design st in a more portable
> way (which means using a tty-abstraction layer which will work
> on both, UNIX and windows -> putty sucks ;))

putty on fullscreen really rocks, but misses tabbing that can be
done with screen, btw rxvt on w32 sucks, apart from putty i don't
know any other decent terminal emulator for w32.

Having minimalistic software like dwm and st on w32 will make me cum.

> So if there are people being interested in native(!) (- note no
> Cygwin/X crap) win32 versions, please let me know...

i'm interested too, coz of work and some ida + ollydbg, i will love to use
dwm on w32, btw what i think is more difficult to do is the autodetection
for "floating windows" like popups and so, because windows is less designed
for tiled layouts and resizing windows (like cmd.exe) isn't possible.

btw, i would love to use it, about the tray issue, i suggest to (at least
temporally use an external application like the bb4win one, or directly not
supporting it, or provide an external tool.

I can't imaginate a tray inside dwm.

How do you plan to use stdin and stdout on w32? a dwm-run.bat would be
really funny X"D

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