Re: [dwm] [dzen] Color support for arbitrary parts of the input

From: Robert Manea <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 08:03:21 +0200

* pancake ( wrote:

> > echo 'Default colors ^fg(blue)I'm blue ^bg(green)^fg(#ffffff)and I'm white on green' | dzen2 -p
> I like this syntax, is readable, useful, powerful and simple.

Yes, I like it too. I'm thinking of allowing even more commands in the
text like "^icon(iconname)" and maybe even commands that change dzen's
internal state, like uncollapsing windows etc.

> Would like to see some screenshots and snippets for this :)

Hehe, just type "./help" in dzen's directory ;).

> If i have some free time i would like to write some dzens with color
> running together with mesure.

That'll be great, though mesure outputs some control characters like
'\r'. Would it be possible to supress those?
> > There is one known problem in menu mode, i.e. colored text will be
> > printed as is. I'll look into solving this issue in the next couple of
> > days.
> colored text? what do you mean?

I meant that the actions 'menuexec' and 'menuprint' will not output only
the text but also the color commands :(.
> Sorry, i was thinking about the format for images but didn't get a final
> decision yet. I'll see how you allocate these colors and i can probably
> get a similar idea for xicon.

Well, if you want multi color icons you'd need to use some larger libs
which means more dependencies that's why I tend to support only 2 color
icons (fg, bg) like xicon does. That would keep things small and i guess
is just enough for most cases.

> --pancake
Bye, Rob.
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