Re: [dwm] [dzen] Color support for arbitrary parts of the input

From: pancake <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 01:06:59 +0200

Yay! congrats for this patch! colors are really useful for notifications and popup notes,
also for progressbars, so you have one more dimension to play with. To indicate things in
a more visual way. The problem is see here, is the senseless of the people choosing bad
color combinations heheh ;)

> echo 'Default colors ^fg(blue)I'm blue ^bg(green)^fg(#ffffff)and I'm white on green' | dzen2 -p

I like this syntax, is readable, useful, powerful and simple.

Would like to see some screenshots and snippets for this :)

> As you see, you can place the ^fg(color) and ^bg(color) commands
> anywhere into the text in any combination. The set colors will be used
> until you define a new one on a per line basis (similar to terminal
> escape seqs.)
> Both commands accept either symbolic color names or #rrggbb hex-values.
> If you need to display '^' characters just double them '^^' in order
> to escape the special meaning.
> The code is not perfect and I'll be happy to see some testing and
> possible bug reports before release.

If i have some free time i would like to write some dzens with color
running together with mesure.

> There is one known problem in menu mode, i.e. colored text will be
> printed as is. I'll look into solving this issue in the next couple of
> days.

colored text? what do you mean?

> Bye, Rob.
> P.S.: With this parsing method it is rather easily possible to support
> icons in dzen. So this will be a priority TODO as soon as the
> parser is stable and I found a suitable icon format.

Sorry, i was thinking about the format for images but didn't get a final
decision yet. I'll see how you allocate these colors and i can probably
get a similar idea for xicon.

Have fun!

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