Re: [dwm] flickering save file dialog of mozilla-acrobat plugin

From: Jukka Salmi <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 14:51:27 +0200

Martin Sander --> dwm (2007-08-01 13:43:55 +0200):
> Hey list.
> When I use the "save a copy" button in an adobe reader window inside a
> firefox (with the mozilla-acroread plugin), the save file dialog
> flickers (jumps) from left to right, so that it is hard to click save or cancel.
> When I switch to another tag and back the flickering stops, but begins
> again if I move the dialog.
> I'm using dwm-4.3 with bottom-stack patch.
> This is not a very big problem (and I hope it hasn't been mentioned
> before on this list, couldn't find it in the archives), but maybe you
> want to look into it. Probably Adobe's fault.

It's a bug in GTK+ 2.x, fixed in 2.10.13.

Regards, Jukka

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