Re: [dwm] replacing masterw with ratio, which will have effect on tile() in general

From: Giorgio Lando <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 17:59:17 +0200

> The ratio will replace the current masterw stuff, and of course,
> ratio==1 means equally tiled windows.

It is quite a radical change: till now, in a view there was a master
client (presumably, the client where you are working and acting) or more
than one (according to the number of clients in master) and an
undefined quantity of other clients (something you want to check, to compare or
to have ready to work on in the immediate future).

On the contrary, now there is a hierarchy (a first client, a second
client, a third client and potentially so on). The idea is that there is
a client you care more than any other, a second client in your hierarchy
of attention, a third and so on.

Although this second idea is fascinating, I can not imagine any
plausible working scenario for it. Generally speaking, I have almost
always a method to decide the main client where to work, but all the
others are upon a par: if I would be forced to distinguish a second from
a third, a third from a fourth, I would not know how to motivate this

Moreover, the number of readable clients in a view is going to lessen:
with a master client and four other clients, all of them are usable and
readable for most applications. On the contrary, I envisage that the
fifth client in a view with the new ratio system will be really small
and pretty unusable also in my 1280x800 widescreen.

Fixing the ratio to 1 will not restore the old behaviour,
because in this way the master client will be occupying only half of the
screen, while now the MASTERWIDTH can be configured (I have 650).

Obviously, these suspicions must be verified in the actual
implementation. But I really think that I will be forced to patch dwm to
restore the old behaviour.

Giorgio Lando
Received on Fri Aug 03 2007 - 17:59:26 UTC

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