[dwm] I pused the new tile() into hg tip

From: Anselm R. Garbe <arg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 19:25:22 +0200

I pushed my new tile() implementation into hg tip. Please
recheck if it sucks or if it rules and let me know.


On Fri, Aug 03, 2007 at 05:59:17PM +0200, Giorgio Lando wrote:
> > The ratio will replace the current masterw stuff, and of course,
> > ratio==1 means equally tiled windows.
> It is quite a radical change: till now, in a view there was a master
> client (presumably, the client where you are working and acting) or more
> than one (according to the number of clients in master) and an
> undefined quantity of other clients (something you want to check, to compare or
> to have ready to work on in the immediate future).
> On the contrary, now there is a hierarchy (a first client, a second
> client, a third client and potentially so on). The idea is that there is
> a client you care more than any other, a second client in your hierarchy
> of attention, a third and so on.
> Although this second idea is fascinating, I can not imagine any
> plausible working scenario for it. Generally speaking, I have almost
> always a method to decide the main client where to work, but all the
> others are upon a par: if I would be forced to distinguish a second from
> a third, a third from a fourth, I would not know how to motivate this
> hierarchy.
> Moreover, the number of readable clients in a view is going to lessen:
> with a master client and four other clients, all of them are usable and
> readable for most applications. On the contrary, I envisage that the
> fifth client in a view with the new ratio system will be really small
> and pretty unusable also in my 1280x800 widescreen.
> Fixing the ratio to 1 will not restore the old behaviour,
> because in this way the master client will be occupying only half of the
> screen, while now the MASTERWIDTH can be configured (I have 650).
> Obviously, these suspicions must be verified in the actual
> implementation. But I really think that I will be forced to patch dwm to
> restore the old behaviour.
> Regards
> Giorgio Lando

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