Re: [dwm] Quake style terminal emulators on DWM

From: voltaic <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 09:12:32 -0400

Ion had that feature built in; it was called a "scratchpad." In fact, when I
was using Ion I had my keybindings such that the Quake-style console would
pop up on META+tilda. When I switched to DWM I thought I was going to miss
that feature, but it turns out I really don't.

I think the appeal of the Quake-style terminal is for people who mainly use
non-tiling window managers and go about their daily computing mostly using
the mouse and non-CLI applications. For those people I imagine it's
convenient to have a single key access to a term emulator, instead of
launching a terminal each time or locating terminal among the mess of
windows floating around. As a DWM user, however, I don't find myself needing
this feature as I already have a number of term emulators open at all times,
and I can conceivably assign an unused tag to terminal for scratch pad use

So one suggestion would be to have a tag named "~", and assign META+~ to
view the tag "~". And assign this tag only to a single xterm, or an emulator
of your choosing. I know this won't look as fancy as a standalone
Quake-style console that slides down from off-screen and has transparency
and whatever, but this would be a simple solution by just using DWM.


On 8/15/07, Amit <> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I'm a very happy camper here at DWM. I've never been more productive!
> Thanks to all the developers for such a wonderful job!
> Anyways, I was looking at Quake style terminal emulators
> ( I definitely would find great use for this.
> Any of you DWM users have used Quake style terminals before? Any
> suggestions or tips?
> Thanks again,
> Amit
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