Re: [dwm] Thinking about tags

From: Karl. <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 23:56:12 +1200

On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 07:51:43AM +0200, Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> besides ongoing bugfixes I plan to remeove regexp-capable Rules.
> I don't see any reason why we need regexps to match for window
> class/instance/titles, strstr() should be fine.

If the new approach allows wildcards of some sort, then it might be
workable. I use a lot of things like this (for apps that like to make
lots of windows):

    { "Gschem:gschem:.*", "cad", True }, \
    { "Gschem:gschem:gschem", "cad", False }, \

This makes the main gschem window tile, but all other gschem windows
float, and it works very well for me.

It is rare for me to actually make serious use of regexps in dwm
(ie. matches that are more complicated than simple wildcards)

> I stumbled on this annoyance when Damjan recently posted his
> config.h on this list, because he uses tags like "www", "trunk"
> etc. So calling view("9") to view the "trunk" trunk tag seems
> odd. I think it will be better to use the tag name here instead
> for consistency reasons.

I like the consistency as it stands - ie. I don't need to edit my
keybindings if I change my tag names - access to my tags remains
consistent. Not that I change my tags often, but I don't see an
advantage to having to edit them in 4 extra places (having said that, I
admit that I would need to edit them in all my rules anyway, so maybe
having to edit them in the keybindings is no great hardship)

> Same with focusclient, using "1" for next and "-1" for prev is
> also odd, I plan to split this into focusnext() and focusprev()
> again, that seems cleaner to me.

I don't care about this one - changing it will only take a moment to fix
in my config file.


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