Re: [dwm] addtomwfact -> setmwfact proposal

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 07:54:48 +0100

On 8/19/07, Christian Garbs <> wrote:
> Look for a way to turn of the caching of preformatted manpages. The
> caching is (at least on the linux distributions I know) always done at
> 80 columns so that these cached pages are useabla by anybody.
> Not using preformatted pages uses your acutal terminal width, but
> comes at a small speed cost, as the manpage is formatted every time
> you view it - which is neglectible on today's systems.

The man page claims the -c switch will force reformatting the manpage
(for whatever man is on Linux); dunno if this actually works. I
_think_ I made the cache directory unwriteable by anyone which forces
it to format the page each view, but it was years ago so I might be

Going a bit offtopic a bit, does anyone know any magic to stop man
insisting on using wide margins when viewin pages in a terminal? (The
left margin is used for hanging headers so is sort of understandable,
but in a terminal -- rather than paper printout -- the wide left
margin just wastes space annoyingly.)

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