[dwm] nmaster-4.7 updated

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 17:11:01 +0100

Some users noticed me a bug that makes zoom() inusable when switching between floating and
ntile or tilecols. I missed to type:

           domwfact = dozoom = True;

I have also added a new optional variable in config.h called CPT to define the initial value
for the cpt variable. I think that #define CPT 5 is probably the most useful value, but when
using nmaster, the CPT should be 6 or 7,..so maybe i can mix cpt with nmaster, will be interesting
to see if it's cleaner or not to use.

I have also added some new functions enabled by EXPERIMENTAL. All of them are buggy and not
currently working, but are tests im doing and want to receive feedback.

  #define EXPERIMENTAL True

The new function available into EXPERIMENTAL is swap() which receives "+1" or "-1" as argument,
and it just swaps two clients inside the clients list. This is a c&p from awesome. So it doesn't
works with the dwm base, but now i have no time to implement it. So if anybody of us want to
play with it. Send me the patch O:)

I feel that the swap() function of awesome is really useful, and imho should be implemented
into the dwm base. With swapnext() and swapprev(). Does anybody have tested this functionality?

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