[dwm] Possible focus stealing prevention problem.

From: Antoni Grzymala <antoni_AT_chopin.edu.pl>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 02:42:52 +0100


recently I've been getting this funny error in some Tcl/Tk apps when
trying to access the application menu:

grab failed: another application has grab
grab failed: another application has grab
    while executing
"grab -global $w"
    (procedure "tk::TraverseToMenu" line 21)
    invoked from within
"tk::TraverseToMenu . t"
    (command bound to event)

Do you think this could in any way be related to dwm's focus stealing
prevention? This only happens ocasionally, so there's possibly some race
condition involved.

I've also been recently upgrading my Tcl/Tk installation to 8.5_beta3
(from 8.5_beta2), so it could possibly be related to that as well, seems
unlikely, but I didn't test very thouroughly, since this bug isn't
happening all that often.



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