Re: [dwm] Characters still mess up in Xterm/RXVT

From: Pieter Verberne <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:28:30 +0100

On Fri, Dec 14, 2007 at 02:30:22PM +0100, Antoni Grzymala wrote:
> Yeah, webbrowsers are a major problem. I really love the vimperator
> extension for firefox, but can't stand firefox... Otherwise I think
> Opera is the best (or rather the least bad) choice currently (even
> though there are major annoyances both in the 9.2x and the pre_9.5x
> versions).
> I'm really looking forward to HV3 getting somewhat mainstream (it still
> needs better javascript support and some other things). It's quite
> usable right now, I use it whenever I need to quickly have a look at the
> web without launching any of the huge browsers and when a textmode
> browser is not enough.

A few months ago I was browsing the WWW and got irritated again mainly
because of the way to navigate the WWW. (Somethimes, I suffer a bit RSI.
I also tried Vimperator but it doensn't 'feel' well. I never tried Opera
(closed source).) It is very impractical to navigate the web with a
keyboard. I do use Lynx sometimes but it is just not suitable for all

I was once talking with another student about my frustrations with the
web. I said something like this; "I hate webdesign. When I browse a
webpage, often, I go directly to te sitemap, wich -does- have a nice
navigation. From there I start browsing the webpage." I also told that
all webpages should just have a tree(1)-like (hierarchical) menu on the
left side, without any markup. Pretty much like

Whatever, it just doesn't exist. Till a few weeks ago, I found out the
Gopher protocol:-) And my frustration moved from the web to the fact
that 'nobody is using gopher'.

It's hard for me to speak out such sadness... ( :-) )

(euhk, a sgml tag)<unrealistic optimism>
How about writing a new Gopher+ server in the 10 000-SLOC philosophy
give Gopher a market share of 20% in about 5 years again?
(we should also use another markup language than HTML for hypertext
<\unrealistic optimism>

It would really comfort me.

Pieter Verberne
Received on Fri Dec 14 2007 - 15:28:31 UTC

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