[dwm] Announce: dwm-rfigura 2007-12-18

From: Robert Figura <nc-figuraro_AT_netcologne.de>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:34:58 +0000

Hi folks,

there is a new intermediate release for dwm-rfigura.

# implemented separation of positions for focusnext() / focusprev()
# implemented client / rule flags: SHY INITSHY INITSMALL
# improved fixed position code, made floating a position type
# improved configurability, macros for default POS, FLAGS, MIN/MAXMWFACT,

Since i now have a two screen setup (which only supports xinerama) i
found out that the bottom position can be abused for basic two screen
support. That's where the odd -PWFACT numbers come from.

Also some changes from dwm-4.7 were imported, old bugs fixed (also
introduced new ones) and some aclock acpi support was added.

Feedback welcome!

  - Robert Figura

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