Re: [dwm] executing programs won't work with tcsh

From: mikshaw <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 07:27:19 -0800 (PST)

--- Richard P÷ttler <>

> hi,
> I am using tcsh and got some problems, when i want
> to start a program
> with M+p. The problem is, that tcsh assigns
> variables with "set <name>
> <value>" and not like the sh shells with
> "<name>=<value>". I patched
> the config.def.h (patch is attached) to directly
> exec the output of
> dmenu and mailed it to Anselm, but he pointed out,
> that there will be
> problems if the user presses Esc, which causes exec
> to execute "".
> Does anyone of you know a solutions for this
> problem?
> bye
> richi

My preference is to not rely on config.h for dmenu
behavior. One solution is to write a script and put
that script in config.h instead. You can make changes
without rebuilding dwm every time.
I think the main thing is to do a check of the dmenu
output, and only execute if it's a non empty string.

So you're using tcsh for a login shell? How's that
treating you?

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