Re: [dwm] patches for mouse usage

From: y i y u s <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 20:59:42 +0100

I noticed a mistake. There is a missing else before zoom(NULL) in
Button2 operations (in the 3 patches), I will update them once 4.8 is

2007/12/28, y i y u s <>:
> I have patched dwm for my personal usage, here are the patches:
> dwm-4.8-snaptileds.diff
> With this patch tiled windows don't become float with a simple
> MOD+Click, but instead you have to move (or resize) over the SNAP
> value. I think it feels more natural this way without adding any
> complexity (it removes one loc). I would suggest it for inclusion in
> main dwm.
> dwm-4.8-buttonbar.diff (includes snaptileds)
> It adds some functionality to the mouse buttons on the status bar:
> Button1 to move the window (the pointer is wrapped to the upper left
> corner), Button2 to zoom a tiled client or to tile a float one,
> Button3 to resize (the pointer is wrapped to the bottom right corner),
> mouse wheel to focus prev / next.
> This patch is very useful when you use dwm one handed.
> dwm-4.8-offwins (includes buttonbar and snaptileds)
> This is a patch I find very useful with the gimp and to put some
> windows (like irc) off screen. The pointer is wrapped to the nearest
> corner of the window and when you focus a partially offscreen window
> it is moved to be completely on screen. It goes back to its position
> when you unfocus it. The pointer wrapped to a corner makes it easy to
> move windows to the corner of the screen, where they are easily
> accessible. I suppose very few people will find this patch
> interesting, but give it a try if you want. I don't know how it will
> work with xinerama setups.
> Drop me a line for any comment. Have a nice weekend,
> --
> - yiyus || JGL .
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