[dwm] dwm-mitch 3.3 released

From: Christian Garbs <mitch_AT_cgarbs.de>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 22:26:26 +0100


I finally found some time to update dwm-mitch against the "unified"
dwm source code. It was easier than expected :-)

dwm-mitch 3.3 can be found here as usual:

This is the current changelog:

### v3.3 2007-12-28

 - update to dwm 4.7
 - update to dmenu 3.4
 - add togglemax patch:
   togglemax only works for floating clients
   this allows the same key for zoom and togglemax and it does the
   right thing[tm] depending on whether the client is floating or not
 - a public git repository is available at

I don't know if the git repository is very useful as I am mostly
keeping track of diff-files in it :-)
Perhaps I should have a look at stgit or related things.

When dwm 3.8 is out, I expect to be quicker with my next update...
While I stumbled upon a small error in togglemax(), I noticed that the
whole function has been removed from dwm recently. I will propably
keep it as part of my togglemax patch: Use one key to either move the
current window to the top of the stack (tiled) or to maximize it


PS: For the time being there is also web access to my repository, but
    I don't know if I will keep this available:

You can't cross a large chasm in two small jumps.

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