Re: [dwm] stupid problem with key bindings

From: Giorgio Lando <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 00:29:46 +0100

> You might be able to make this work by squeezing it through bash so that
> bash expands the backticks, something like this (untested):
> { MODKEY, XK_o, spawn, "exec bash -c firefox `xsel`" },

No, alas firefox is launched but with no url, the output of xsel is not
seen. I am not able to understand why (I do not see the difference
between our attempts and the default way of launching dmenu in
config.def.h, which works).

> This approach works fine for me - my keybinding is:
> { MODKEY, XK_o, spawn, "exec browse CLIPBOARD" },
> and my script is attached - note that it is calling opera (and
> optionally iceweasel) instead of firefox - you want to change the
> openlink function.
> The script needs some tidying/commenting/improving, but it basically
> does what I need, so I've not fiddled with it recently. The intention
> is that (if called with argument 'CLIPBOARD') it should open all things
> that look like URLs on the clipboard and ignore anything non-URL.
> Otherwise it opens all URLs given on the command-line, or the current
> dir if nothing specified (I use this if I am at a shell prompt and want
> to open a browser on the current directory - I just use 'browse')

This works and rocks! Thank you
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