[dwm] [ANNOUNCE] dvtm-0.4

From: Marc Andre Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 17:38:30 +0100


dvtm-0.4 is out, changes are:

 * Only draw borders where necessary (titlebar + vertical separator)

 * Respect cursor visibility of apps running within dvtm

 * Autoquit feature, dvtm quits when the last shell is closed

 * Support for window title escape sequence (xtermset -T title)

 * Links against ncurses by default

 * Compilation fix for NetBSD (hopefully)

 * Some bugfixes and code cleanups

Remember to do a make unicode if you have an UTF-8 locale.


Below is a list of TODO items for future versions:

 * implement tagging, there is already a tagging branch which contains
   my current code in the git repository but i still need to figure
   out some sane keybindings.

 * terminal emulation fixes: make arrow keys work within vim (without
   the TERM=linux workaround). Fix a problem with the keypad when dvtm
   is launched via putty

 * implement a command mode (i am not yet sure about this one)

 * scrollback history support (this is a low priority item for me)
Apart from that i consider dvtm feature complete.


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