Re: [dwm] a patch to solve the java issue (gray windows) with dwm?

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:53:53 +0100

On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 12:51:08AM +0900, Renick Bell wrote:
> 2. This post seems to explain why java apps only appear as gray
> windows in dwm, and it provides a patch for the Xmonad window manager:
> 3. I have been unable to locate a similar patch for dwm.
> 4. Has such a patch been written by anyone?

Yes, and it didn't worked either. See hg log for reference.

> 7. Hacking the java source would be a waste of time.


> 8. Java's own 1.7.0 appears to be pre-beta.
> I don't want to be an early adopter/tester of Sun's software. I want
> to use my package manager's icedtea package for license reasons;
> however, for practical reasons I would use any of my package manager's
> java packages. Those don't include another 1.7.0 java.

I believe using this pre-beta is the only way to go atm.

> 9. Is there an alternative solution to the problem such that I could
> use dwm, have properly functioning java apps, and avoid hassle with
> java source or pre-beta Sun products?

Yes, there is. Turning dwm into a reparenting WM, but I heavily
dislike this solution, because it adds several LOCs and it
increases the X resource consumption, which would make dwm

> 14. Therefore, I want to use java and dwm together until I can be free
> from java.

As stated before quite often, it is an XToolkit bug and it is
trivial to fix on the Java side (I told the Java folks how to
fix it long ago in the bug report description, they shouldn't
bother about the WM anyways, that's their fault already -- there
is no single reason to check if there is a WM and if the WM does
reparenting or not). In the same bug description also someone
else proposed a similiar fix.

I don't want to screw the dwm source because there are bugs in

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