[dwm] a patch to solve the java issue (gray windows) with dwm?

From: Renick Bell <renick_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 00:51:08 +0900

Stated as explicitly as possible:

1. I need to be able to use java gui apps and dwm at the same time. My
justification is in the extended footnote.

2. This post seems to explain why java apps only appear as gray
windows in dwm, and it provides a patch for the Xmonad window manager:

3. I have been unable to locate a similar patch for dwm.

4. Has such a patch been written by anyone?

5. I currently am unable to write such a patch.

6. I certainly wouldn't expect such a hack to become part of the
official dwm source.

7. Hacking the java source would be a waste of time.

8. Java's own 1.7.0 appears to be pre-beta.
I don't want to be an early adopter/tester of Sun's software. I want
to use my package manager's icedtea package for license reasons;
however, for practical reasons I would use any of my package manager's
java packages. Those don't include another 1.7.0 java.

9. The dwm source, because of its conciseness, seems to be an
appropriate place to apply a patch.

9. Is there an alternative solution to the problem such that I could
use dwm, have properly functioning java apps, and avoid hassle with
java source or pre-beta Sun products?

Thanks for assistance. The justification for using java is below.


...my justification for use of java and dwm simultaneously. If you
would like to reply to this section, please start a new off-topic
thread. I don't mind discussing it, but please don't foul the on-topic
thread about java and dwm.
Again, stated as explicitly as possible:
1. I use SuperCollider for realtime audio work. SuperCollider is a
programming language.
2. People develop GUI applications using SuperCollider. On Macs, users
have access to the native GUI toolkit from within SuperCollider.
3. Those using Windows and Linux don't have access to native GUI
toolkits from within SuperCollider at the moment. There is no gtk, qt,
or other toolkit binding/library for Linux users which is also
4. Linux and Windows users can use SwingOSC, which is a cross-platform
GUI toolkit based on Swing.
5. Using SwingOSC allows me to use programs written by Mac and Windows
users. It also allows those users to use my code.
6. Making another toolkit available within SuperCollider, such as gtk,
is significant work which will require weeks, if not months.
7. I don't like using java for license reasons, performance reasons,
and aesthetic reasons.
8. I would like to eventually develop a concise, efficient, and
lightweight alternative.
9. In the meantime, I want to use GUI code written by other SuperCollider users.
10. I also want to use code which I wrote while using wmii, under
which java apps functioned properly.
11. That means I must use SwingOSC until I have developed an alternative.
12. That means I must have java.
13. I think dwm is the best window manager for me.
14. Therefore, I want to use java and dwm together until I can be free
from java.
Renick Bell
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