Re: [dwm] We need a different Xinerama implementation

From: hiro <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 15:14:48 -0500

> I consider different tagsets for each screen, which can't be
> selected in a join way, to prevent the basic problem of being
> unable to display the same window on different screens.

It doesn't really fix that problem, but limits the user to make it
seem more logically.
And specially if one of your monitor is bigger than the other, you
sometimes want to move your clients between them.

> Maybe somewhat into the direction of having a 2D tagset, with y
> addressing different screens (yiyus or pancake came up with this
> idea if I remember correctly) for the Xinerama case, and y
> addressing different virtual screens for the non Xinerama case.

This visualization makes things more complicated than they are.
It definitely doesn't fit with numbered tags.

> Hence, say tags 1-4 address screen 1, tags 5-9 address screen 2
> or so, but tagging a client 1+5 is not possible. This should
> give you a rough idea.

This solves problems of the current approach, but i.e. not being able
to tag a client 1+5 will bring other confusion instead.

Moreover, how will that work with 3 screens?

I remembered, that a lot of you use the keyboard only. Your version
would make it easier to change focus to an other monitor, whereas with
david's patch you would either have to use the mouse, or bind a
special key for that.
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