Re: [dwm] We need a different Xinerama implementation

From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 17:17:52 +0100

I have been using dwm with an external monitor for a while, just as is...using
only the external monitor losing the screen resolution on my laptop screen.

These days im rather busy and can take much care about dwm, but I hope to have
some time to test all the xinerama changes in dwm 4.8.

I have some ideas really closer to the ones exposed by you and yiyus, but I
don't want to think on it until i have something to test and check how i feel
with it.

btw, maybe i'll have to check the repository instead of waiting for the release :)

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 09:21:18 +0100
"y i y u s" <> wrote:

> My proposal about xinerama would be:
> you have the same set of tags in each monitor, but you can have
> selected a tag only in one monitor. So, if for example you have tag 2
> selected in monitor a and you select tag 2 in monitor b it will be in
> unselected in a. You would need the possibility of not having any
> selected tag for this to work.
> The obious problem: what if a window has more than one tag and it is
> selected in two monitors? I think you could just put it in the first
> monitor.
> I don't have 2 monitors now, but when I did one of them was the main
> one and the other some sort of secondary screen, so this would have
> sense, but I'm not sure all you are using xinerama this same way.
> Anyway, I don't have a strong opinion about this, I would need a
> second monitor to test my ideas.
> A proposal: what if you release some sort of 4.8 and we implement
> different xinerama approachs and after some testing you decide which
> one is better?
> I'm glad to see some movement in dwm again.
> Greets,
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> - yiyus || JGL .

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