Re: [dwm] visibility of focused windows

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 13:47:16 +0100

On 3/5/08, Joerg van den Hoff <> wrote:
> but that was not my point. sorry, if I have not been clear
> enough: I really mean the old 'mod1-m' functionality in the
> tiled layout: toggle maximization status of the focused
> window. this is still desirable, despite availability of
> "monocle", I'd say: maximize a _single_ window, do something
> and shrink it back to its position in the tiling. it depends
> on circumstances whether this is more (or less) suitable
> than "monocle". I personally think a "maximize window"
> option should always be available in addition to "maximize
> all" (a.k.a. monocle).

can you please describe a common scenario when the two is different?

(eg if you only want a quick maximize+revert then it can be achieved
by toggling layout between monocle and tile)
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