Re: [dwm] and now for something completely different...

From: Chris (Ducky) Chapin <>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:18:40 -0800

Ritesh Kumar wrote:
> I would like to know how diverse are the people on the list in terms
> of the actual layouts and dwm features they use...

Only 4.7. I tend to stick to stable/latest official releases unless
something I *really* need is in a dev tree/snapshot.

Just my own. At work, a xinerama setup, I patched tile() to do a
mirrored layout (but no real xinerama awareness). At home, on my laptop,
and at work: I patch view() to always give focus to main window.

I carry-over the blue/gray bar scheme from 4.4(?) but that's about it.

Pretty mundane. I never float windows. I never view more than one tag at
a time and only put my IM chat window on multiple tags (all of them ^_^)
unless I'm at work, in which case I do the same for my email client as well.

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