Re: [dwm] and now for something completely different...

From: pancake <>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 13:32:26 +0100 (CET)

> I would like to know how diverse are the people on the list in terms of
> the
> actual layouts and dwm features they use...

I use my own branch, but sometimes I use the development version to try
new ideas and update my patches.

Patches I use:

  - clients per tag
  - mouse on statusbar

Programs I use:
  - dmenu
  - yeahlaunch
  - yeahconsole

Applications I use:
  - claws-mail
  - epiphany
  - radare
  - screen (with mutt and elinks for remote boxes)
  - pidgin
  - xterm
  - feh
  - vim

I don't tend to view more than one tag at the same time.
I try to limit the number of windows per tag and avoid using
more than 2-4 active tags (I like to have some free tags to
be able to use them when I don't bother were to place a window).

I use a lot the alt-tab and alt-w/alt-e (to limit the clients per tag
to 2 or 3).

I only use floating for the ones I want to keep a fixed aspect ratio
or size (like minicom terminals, mutt, gimp, mplayer) or to make a window
visible on all tags (It sounds strange to me to share a window between
different tags on tile layout), but I only use the floating with mouse.

I dont feel the need to use nmaster with cpt variable height.

I use it for my own (in my laptops), so mostly personal use and
development box.
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