[dwm] copy & paste in dtvm

From: Malte Skoruppa <malte_AT_countnumber.de>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 17:07:55 +0200


I just discovered this nice program and I really like the idea...

However, I have a major problem:
I cannot copy anything from within, or paste anything into, a running
dvtm session. Usually, in a xterm (or any other terminal), I can copy
text by just highlighting it using the mouse, and paste it using the
middle mouse button, as per usual in Linux systems. But in dvtm this
doesn't work. I cannot highlight (i.e. copy) anything, and middle clicks
are ignored too.

Moreover, this does not happen exclusively in a dvtm session: for
example, if I run dvtm within a 'screen' window, copy&paste doesn't work
anymore even in the other screen windows, although they are not running
a dvtm session! In other words, dvtm "corrupts" the whole terminal
session, disabling copy&paste ability even in those screen windows where
dvtm is not running. Note that this does not happen in terminal programs
with inherent support for tabs like gnome-terminal (here only the tab
running dvtm is corrupted), supposedly because all the tabs are
completely different terminal sessions.

This is really annoying, as I copy & paste often in a terminal. I cannot
efficiently use dvtm without this functionality.

Is this normal behavior, or could I have done something wrong? If it's
not "normal", what could be the cause? If it is, will a copy&paste
functionality be added somewhere in the future?


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