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From: Enno \ <gottox_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 21:23:42 +0200


I would like to announce that I'm working on a dwm fork based on dwm
4.7. It extends dwm with the deck layout which works better on small
screens. Also it automaticle moves the pointer to the focused client
when desired. Furthermore it optionally supports real Xinerama.

Additional keybindings:
MODKEY + Shift + j -> move window to next View (aka to next Monitor)
MODKEY + Shift + k -> move window to previous View
MODKEY + ] -> turns automaticly pointer movement on and off.
MODKEY + Return has a slightly different behavior. If you press it on
the master client this client will swap to the next View.

The code size is still under 2000 sloc (measured by sloccount: 1910).

tile() has a slightly different algorythm which optimises space
utilization when you use clients with resizehints.

clone the repository with

hg clone https://s01.de/~gottox/hg/dwm

and compile it like vanilla dwm (maybe you want to set XINERAMA to 0
if you don't like it)
Automatic pointer movement is still a little annoying sometimes, but
this will be fixed later.

Please give some feedback!


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http://www.gnuffy.org/index.php/GnuEm - Gnuffy on Ipaq (Codename Peggy)
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