[dwm] I wrote a screen saver/locker and auto-launcher

From: Neale Pickett <neale_AT_woozle.org>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 12:30:54 -0600

I was inspired by dwm to write a screen saver / locker, and an
auto-launcher (like xautolock, but mine blocks). I split it up into
several little programs that each do one thing. You can use the
programs to build a lot of different kinds of screen savers.


I wrote it to run slock after a timeout, using the MIT-SCREEN-SAVER
extension, because xautolock runs a little loop polling timestamps on
the keyboard and mouse files and that bothers me. Replace xautolock
like so:

    $ xss slock &

Here's a shell script that does something similar to slock. You could
modify it to use md5sum or some other "verify I typed in my password"

    #! /bin/sh
    xsswin xkeygrab | (while read l; do
                          [ "$l" = "secret" ] && break

I provide a "magic" screensaver hack that you can use to draw pretty
pictures without sucking CPU cycles. Or you can use any xscreensaver
hack. You could also use "magic" with xscreensaver if you're happy with
xscreensaver but unhappy with qix.

I hope someone else thinks this is useful.

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