Re: [dwm] Java patch

From: Tuncer Ayaz <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 11:13:24 +0200

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 11:06 AM, Antoni Grzymala <> wrote:
> Tuncer Ayaz dixit (2008-04-28, 10:57):
> > > No I'm not noticing any. I'm using hg 1122, though.
> >
> > Cool.
> > What I'm missing right now in hg tip is Bar=Off but maybe it's
> > achievable via the new geom settings.
> Yeah,1122 is the last OldWorld dwm (by mac analogy), and I'm sticking
> with it for now. Can't see any compelling reason to switch to a newer
> release for now. No killer features (not for me at least), but a killer
> amount of relearning, especially with the DEFGEOM stuff.

to be honest I have to admit that after learning a lot of Erlang/OTP,
some Scala and Haskell I like FP so much that I tried out Xmonad
but only failed at some key bindings and Mod1 being swallowed by Xmonad
or something else goind wrong as I cannot use Mod1 in FF2.

therefore, having to learn dwm's DEFGEOM changes made me experiment with
Xmonad instead.

I just wanted to be honest. let's not start a flame war.
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