Re: [dwm] snapping bugs with multiple screens

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 17:08:06 -0400

> Come on it's enough now. Do you remember how this pointless discussion
> started:
> | Polls are stupid.
> I just wanted to involve the users a bit on this issue. And in fact this
> statement is stupid and not polls.

> Yes, of course. And this has to be discussed (with a certain "framework"
> of course - you can't come along and expect someone to integrate cairo
> or so). And this is why we have to make clear what exactly sucks less.

> So what's so offensive about this statement that it causes such a noise?
> Why don't we just shut up, concentrate on the problem and perhaps
> propose a solution, because I think the criticism on dwm's behaviour is
> valid.

Because you can't come along and expect polls on the dwm mailing list.
Like I said, there is a clear and strict framework*g*
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