Re: [dwm] An "overlapped tiled" layout

From: Matthias-Christian Ott <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 12:43:02 +0200

"Monsieur Pinocchio" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I thought I would experiment with a new layout concept. I call it the
> "overlapped tiled" layout :) or in short tileo. I required some changes to
> restack() to make it work... though I hope this only makes restack()
> cleaner.
> The basic concept it to overlap the windows in the stack so that
> 1) they can have a size larger than (th / n)
> 2) the windows before and after it in the stack are overlapped and stacked
> (as per X11 stacking) below the focused window in the stack area.
> The main benefit is to be able to increase the size of the focused window in
> the stack without moving them on another tag. The height of the windows in
> the stack is a constant value of th*0.8. The windows in the stack are
> overlapped like a deck of cards. The focused window is raised.
> I generally like using it in conjunction with the regular tilev() layout
> with shortcuts to switch quickly to either layout. It really helps if you
> have a large number of windows in the stack area.
> Here is the patch... I think the patch simplifies the restack() function so
> that should be useful to upstream in itself. Any comments are most welcome:

Do you have any screenshots?

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