Re: [dwm] Float/Maximize Problem

From: yy <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 11:43:56 +0200

2008/6/12, Kevin Monceaux <>:
> DWM Fans,
> Being relatively new to DWM I'm not sure if this is an actual problem or if
> perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I prefer to run most things, Firefox,
> terminal emulator, etc., maximized and a few things such as xv non-maximized
> and floated. I think the floating layout might be best for my preferences
> but am open to other suggestions. If I hit Mod1-m, which the man page says
> should toggle the focused window between maximization and normal state, all
> windows get maximized instead of just the focused window. And, any new
> windows that open, such as a Firefox login dialog window for example, also
> get maximized. If I hit Mod-m again all windows are switched to normal
> state. My config.h file has:
> { MODKEY, XK_m, togglemax, {0}},
> I'm running hg tip (1266) with the kbmvresize.patch patch posted earlier
> today applied. I have almost everything in DWM working as I'd like except
> for the above mentioned maximize behavior. Am I doing something wrong or is
> this a problem with DWM itself?
> Kevin

Thatīs the expected behaviour, but you could easily write a maximized
layout (there has been similar patches before...)

- yiyus || JGL .
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