Re: [dwm] In context of dwm 5.0

From: Jan Christoph Ebersbach <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 23:20:24 +0200

On Sat 28-06-2008 12:25 -0700, Scytrin dai Kinthra wrote:

> Since the loss of DEFGEOM, which I enjoyed in terms of the ease
> of setting up the basic parameters of display logic, attaining my
> favoured setup has become a little obscured.
> What would be the simplest way to define the status bar be only
> half the screen width? My intent would be to use dzen for misc info
> display, piping persistant information to dwm. I tend to jump to
> different machines with different stups and having a particular setup
> per host has become standard for me. Some have multiple displays, some
> have one, some are wifi only, some are wired only, some are mixed,
> etc...
> I had poked around in drawbar() this morning, seeing about possibly
> removing the stdin/status section of the bar or restricting the width
> of the bar and could only deduce that (int)ww determined the width
> bound of the bar, and the setting of dc.x = 0; determined the origin.
> Am I correct in this appraisal?

Hi Scytrin,

Just today I wrote a small patch to fix the status bar to a specific
width - it's attached to this email.

I also liked DEFGEOM since I'm using a two screen setup. It was a nice
first try to make multi screen setups enjoyable - I'm looking forward to
the next attempt.


Jan Christoph Ebersbach
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