Re: [dwm] Being not so elitist

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 15:14:50 +0200

Kurt H Maier dixit (2008-07-29, 07:36):

> I approve of deliberate elitism, and the dwm/suckless community is
> justifiably arrogant because they use better software than other
> people.
> I see no reason to redact statements just because some whiners think
> everything on the internet should be a social-networking hugfest. If
> they want a community to cuddle them, they can go sign on the mailing
> list of one of the dozens of inferior dwm clones.
> I'm glad Anselm put that line back, and I hope it stays a good long time.

Your mail just happens to be the last of the thread but what I've got to
say is to all the "elite" (yeah, right, har, har) proponents/supporters.

To sum up: I really cannot understand what's so cool in being a dick.
And a rather softish one, too.

Being a non-dick is not equal to a social-networking hugfest, as Kurt is
implying in his mail quoted above. That's no boolean, there are stages
in between, which might come as a serious discovery to some of you here.
Watch the coming years for similar revelations.

Your mail is so grand, as if you wrote a large number of extremely
elegant and useful operating systems. Heck, you just as well may have,
but somehow I've never heard of Kurt H Maier, the great coder (no
offense intended, just the sake of argument). On the other hand, I have
heard of other people like, say, Paul Graham, who really are great
coders, write great prose, and the last thing that would cross their
minds would be calling themselves "elite". Even though, yeah, I do
personally consider them "elite".

You guys are fucking participating in a *simple wm* project. And to all
the loudest "elitists", it's not even you who wrote the thing

Also, calling *oneself* elite is just ridiculous. Self proclaimed elite.
Self proclaimed deity. Yeah, right. Go get some treatment.


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