Re: [dwm] Coding styles

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:42:58 +0200

On 7/31/08, pancake <> wrote:
> Yeah, eclipse is a very standard tool. Using ANT is far more better than
> using make. IMHO make is also a weird tool that should be replaced

from ant manual:
'Makefiles are inherently evil as well. Anybody who has worked on them
for any time has run into the dreaded tab problem. "Is my command not
executing because I have a space in front of my tab?!!" said the
original author of Ant way too many times.'

i wouldn't trust my code to someone who cannot tell the difference
between spaces and tabs ;)

probably the only advantage ant has over make, is that all its
implementations are consistent (mainly because it has only one
implementation and gnu vs bsd vs.. makes are too different and posix
does not help there either)

as soon as the build tool knows about the os and file types, it turns
into a horrid monster that wants to know everything better than you.

the pleasure of editing xml build files is just an extra service
apache ant can provide.
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