Re: [dwm] bug in grabkeys()

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 18:10:18 +0100

2008/8/23 Peter Hartlich <>:
>> Well no, I thought about this, and found another solution, see updated
>> grabkeys() for my preferred solution.

> It will initialize modifiers[] in all 7 iterations of the for loop
> though. And grabkeys() still does the work grabbuttons() subtly relies
> on later...

grabbuttons() depends on it yes, though otherwise grabkeys() would
depend on initmodmap() which could be considered similiar subtle ;) My
current favorit is something like:

unsigned int getnumlockmask(void);

which replaces the global numlockmask. Thus, we would do something like:

unsigned int numlockmask = getnumlockmask();
unsigned int modifiers[] = { 0, LockMask, numlockmask, numlockmask|LockMask };

in grabbuttons and grabkeys, then all subtle stuff is gone imho.

What do you think?

Kind regards,
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