Re: [dwm] dwm hg

From: Filippo Erik Negroni <>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 08:39:05 +0100

From looking at the log, Anselm apparently has been working on branch
'merge', but forgot to integrate back into default ever since.

When you clone, you are by default placed in the 'default' branch, which you
can identify using

$ hg identify

Until Anselm integrates 'merge' into 'default', you can do either of two

$ hg up merge


$ hg up -r tip

Ever since I started using mercurial, there has been a debate whether named
branches are a good thing. Mercurial originally was only supporting
branching by cloning, which is what I always do (apart from using MQueues).

2008/8/30 James Turner <>

> Hey, when I do a fresh clone of dwm, I don't see any of the changes
> marked as merge in the web interface. Am I doing something wrong?
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> James Turner
> BSD Group Consulting

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