Re: [dwm] move/resize keyboard control

From: Claudio <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 01:26:27 +0200

It's a more logical and useful approach, indeed. Though i rarely use layouts
other than monocle. Since i use dvtm i don't have more than a terminal in a
tiled tag anymore but all the terminals has been moved to one dvtm session
and the rest (iceweasel, aMSN, etc.) is floating or maximized, so i don't
need such feature at all. OTOH i wouldn't have its opposite feature:
auto-floating when move a tiled client. This mean that i prefer to have this
patch in mainstream instead of the current implementation.

Claudio M. Alessi
Received on Sun Sep 28 2008 - 23:26:27 UTC

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