[dwm] [patch] Per-client label.

From: Claudio <smoppy_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:26:53 +0200

Hi to all dwm users.

I was reading a pancake's post[0] about client's tag in order to make
the focus faster. He proposed to "tag" each client in order to recall it
any time later with (i guess) a one-character label. Other suggestions
has been proposed later and Anselm said he was thinking about such
feature for dwm-5.0. Though i still didn't see any changes. So i wrote
my own code in order to implement a very minimal one-char clients
labels support. The reason i called it "labels" instead of "tags", as you
cat expect, is just to differentiate it from the more famous dwm tags,
from here the names labelset() and labelfocus().

It's not a definitive patch but an input for the community to think about
it and maybe going to implement a better solution toughether. I really
like it when i have lots of floating clients and here, indeed, even with few
clients it results more comfortable in some case.

Suggestions and comments are very welcomed! Hope someone else
(other than me) will found it useful.

Claudio M. Alessi

[0] http://lists.suckless.org/dwm/0804/5502.html
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