Re: [dwm] Floating children

From: Donald Chai <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 01:11:05 -0700

On 9/28/08, Carlos Pita <> wrote:
> I use a vanilla dwm, without any layout per tag facility. I like it
> this way but still some clients are cumbersome to manage.

Which version of dwm?

> For example fluid, the gui designer for fltk, which follows the gimp
> and gaim ugly paradigm of presenting a number of floating windows. I> can add a rule for floating its main window, based on its class. But
> the child windows has no class or instance properties that can be
> ruled as floating, and the titles are unmatcheable without regexp

Is this fluid or fluid2?

Fluid2 and dillo-fltk seem to work ok with dwm5.2, except for an
annoying tendency to not give up focus if the pointer is over them.
Under awesomewm (and older dwms), transient windows stick
around like zombies.
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