Re: [dwm] Terminals retain size of stack

From: Tinou <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 09:40:55 +0200


Could this have something to do with gvim not getting proper size at
launch ? (wrong number of lines: about 2 or 3 less than expected,
until resize)
I'm out of guesses on this issue: tried with and without resizehints
(made a small function to toggle that btw), different versions of
gvim, with and without any config, newer versions of gtk, xorg, nvidia
driver... but I'm currently using a 2.6.22 kernel (the 2.6.25 made
hiccups in mpd playback, don't know why)


On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 11:01 PM, Jim Karsten <> wrote:
> On 07:39 Tue 09 Sep, Maxim Vuets wrote:
>>2008/9/9, Jim Karsten <>:
>>> I am using dwm 5.1 and am having problems with resizing windows running
>>> terminals.
>>> I use the tile layout with mfact set to 0.75. Sometimes when I zoom a window
>>> into the master area it resizes properly, but often it maintains the
>>> dimensions from the stack. If I adjust the mfact using Alt-h and Alt-l, the
>>> master resizes and I'm good to go, but it's annoying having to do that. I
>>> usually use urxvt, but I tried xterm and it does the same thing. GUI apps
>>> like Firefox resize without problems.
>>> I had the same problem with 4.7. I thought 5.1 might fix it but no luck.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> jimk
>>I have faced with the same problem after pacman -Suy
>>(Arch Linux, system upgrade).
>>It is not a bug of dwm or some another of your apps.
>>It is linux 2.6.26.x bug, for sure:
>>Seems to be fixed already, just upgrade or downgrade your kernel.
>>(I have downgraded to
> I recently upgraded the kernel to 2.6.27 and windows are resizing properly now.
> Thanks for your response.
> jimk
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