Re: [dwm] urxvt and show/hide bar

From: Premysl Hruby <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 05:01:45 +0100

On (11/11/08 01:01), Carlos Pita wrote:
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> Subject: [dwm] urxvt and show/hide bar
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> Hi all,
> I usually prefer to keep the bar hidden so I've written a tiny patch
> in order to show it when a window has the urgent hint.
> But when I'm working with the urxvt term and the bar appears, the last
> line in the console is duplicated, a phantom version of it appears
> below it. If I change the tag or the layout, or hide the bar again,
> the term is redrawn correctly again.
> Any ideas?
> Best regards
> -Carlos


Afaik there's no easy solution, as (u)rxvt depends with this on having
window size be multiple of windows size increments (given by wmhints).
But this iirc is NOT MUST by ICCCM. This is how this broblem occur, the
last line is duplicated, because rxvt doesn't redraw it (because it
think that it have window size given by itself -- which mustn't be true
in tile mode with resizehints == false).


Premysl "Anydot" Hruby,
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