Re: [dwm] dwm on tablet pc

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 12:58:32 +0000

2008/12/12 <>:
>> Try dwm-gtx. Onscreenkeyboards should work with it. :)
> Thanks for the hint. I tried your version of dwm, and cellwriter works.
> What is the essential part for this to work?
> Getting cw to work is the first step. I also tried the mouse
> actions for the bar, which are already implemented in dwm, but
> especially those with MODKEY do not work in conjunction with cw. There
> would still be much work to do regarding a clickable bar and of course
> a clickable version of dmenu for application launching.
> @yy: Emulating a 5 buttons mouse would only be possible by implementing
> onscreen buttons, I think, causing a similar amount of work.
> I am not a c programmer - writing a small patch is possible, but not
> more - I am more a "script kiddie" ;-) Atm I am using openbox and
> fbpanel, but I am missing dynamic tiling. Of course there are "tile"
> and "whaw", but they are not sufficient for me. I will try to get it
> working with devilspie executing a perl script and issuing wmctrl.

I think for tablet pcs, there must be a less suckish onscreen keyboard
with some extensions which allow integration with dwm, wether as patch
of dwm.c (which would be the easiest since it doesnt require any
additional communication between dwm and a some kind of a input event
client) or as external app using some x property to communicate with

In a first attempt this should be a patch however.

Kind regards,
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