Re: [dwm] C-version of dwm status (no xsetroot needed)

From: Guillaume Quintin <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 19:48:48 +0100

On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 12:38:17 -0500
Jeremy Jay <> wrote:

> Here's some simple C code I wrote to handle setting the
> xprop without using xsetroot. At the moment it just
> spawns the same shell scripts I used before, but it may
> be useful for those having issues with xsetroot...
> If anyone is interested, this is the beginings of a
> libnotify-aware status script :)
> Jeremy


IMHO it is too complicated. Moreover that's exactly the solution
I proposed some days ago but mine was simplier and within dwm.c. This
will not satisfy Donald Chai :

Donald Chai wrote in a previous post :
My status text includes the weather (updated only every 15min to
avoid hammering their servers), and the time (updated once a minute,
on the minute, to reduce my wakeups-per-second in PowerTOP). For me,
this SIGALRM and spawn2 would require that I store some temporary
data somewhere between invocations.

Anselm, if you don't like popen, then take Jeremy's runScript function.

Neale Pickett, where are you in your investigations ? Could be X the
problem ?

Kind regards,
Guillaume Quintin.
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