Re: [dwm] Border hater, border lover

From: yy <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 22:50:52 +0100

2008/12/17 Anselm R Garbe <>:
> It's in. Please recheck if there are any issues. Otherwise I'm going
> to release 5.4 tomorrow.

Two things (of not too much importance, anyway):

1. What about the applyrules modification discussed in ?
2. IMO the issingle variable name in adjustborder() should be changed,
e.g. to hasborder.

I will elaborate on #2: I'm using a modified monocle where the border
is removed when the status bar is not visible, so that I have some
kind of fullscreen layout (very useful for firefox video windows from
some sites). When I have seen this new function I thought that it
would perfectly fit in this function (maybe it could even go into
main? I think it will be just one more line), but issingle doesn't
make too much sense then.

Anyway, as I told, nothing important...

- yiyus || JGL .
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