Re: [dwm] Layers

From: yy <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 23:28:33 +0100

I use the floating layout just for this. I have hacked dwm in several
ways in the past: keys to raise clients*, different stack algorithms
(in the lt structure), and what not. At the end, in the case I want to
bring front a tiled client the easiest way is to change to floating
layout**, no complications are necesary and it makes quite sense to

* I think they are named clients because a client can have several
windows (reparenting; eg if you have window decorations). Another good
reason is the confusing it would result to mix that Window with the
Window already present in dwm _code_ (they are called windows in the
man page, for example).

** In order to make this task easier, I have defined my keys and mouse
in a way that a Mod+Space (or B1 on the symbol) set tile or (if tile
is set) floating and Mod+Shift+Space (or B2) set monocle or floating
in the same way. So, with a double Mod+Space - or Mod+Shift+Space, or
double clicks - I can re-tile tiled clients while in floating layout.
(It doesn't sound so great as the feeling is once you get used to it.)


- yiyus || JGL .
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