Re: [dwm] [ANNOUNCE] dvtm-0.5

From: Donald Chai <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 03:44:06 -0800

On Jan 29, 2009, at 12:49 AM, bill lam wrote:

> In commit sha1 a107d3 it added a call to an undeclared set_escdelay,
> and it fails to compile. Is that a known issue?

You can replace that line with:
        ESCDELAY = esc_delay;

By default, ncurses waits a long time to interpret escape sequences,
which causes problems if you use vi and type faster than a snail, so
this call reduces this delay.

A more portable fix is to simply use the ESCDELAY environment variable
when running dvtm:
        $ ESCDELAY=1 ./dvtm
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