[dwm] spawn terminal with current view information

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Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 12:03:36 +0100


I read this

* Marcin Cieslak <saper_AT_SYSTEM.PL> [2009-02-08 05:42]:
> The only slight problem that all windows get tagged in the tag 1
> after restart, since dwm has no clue what was the previous tag
> assignement. How this internal dwm 'state' could be passed over
> to the new instance?

on the thread for crash-only software, and it remind me to my wish to, for
example, *name* terminal windows dependent on the current dwm view when they
are spawned.

I mean sth like "urxvtcd -name <view_name>"

Is there a way to do this?

In almost all of my use cases, this would be the solution to what Marcin
complains about -- the windows would have their internal state, i.e.
labels, which can be used by dwm to tag them correctly according to
config.h. Most of my windows are named so that dwm can tag them correctly,
but sometimes I need some additional ones, and I would like them to stay
where they were created.

It might be a matter of preference, whether to see *which tag a window
belongs to* as dwm or window state. IMO, dwm is intended to represent
user's idea of assigning tags to windows -- based on tasks, or importance,
or whatever logic which is held in config.h --, and *what does one use a window
for* is a kind of window's internal state.

Just my two euro-cents :o)

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