Re: [dwm] Virtual keyboards

From: Peter Hartlich <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 02:07:47 +0100

Hi Anselm,

> It appears to me that both the onscreen keyboard and the client with
> the input focus should have a selfg border -- at least that makes most
> sense in my opinion.

But you need to be able to distinguish between dwm's _selected_ (for
tagging, closing etc.) client and X's _focused_ client. Killing your
terminal window on accident could be awful.

> Introducing another couple just for that sounds quite over-engineered
> to me.


What I would propose is the attached series of patches for hg import:
The first renames focus() to selclient() and focusstack() to selstack().
The second adds a new focus() function calling XSetInputFocus() and
saving the client in a global foc (analogue to sel) variable; it then
implements isfocusable based on the Gottox port + selfgcolor border
for focused, but unselected windows.

By the way, your last commits have "a_AT_null" as the author?


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